Project Venture Training

NIYLP’s Project Venture trainings are unique, offering an immersion experience to groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds. We have found that the best way to understand how Project Venture works is to be part of a group that comes together for the first time, that simulates exactly how a group of youth would experience going through multiple activities designed to get to know each other, be introduced to a positive set of norms and behaviors and come to consensus on an agreement to implement these in all activities. A community is created, based on Positive Youth Development approaches, Guiding Principles of Project Venture and a culturally appropriate group development process. NIYLP provides annual trainings in New Mexico, in addition to on-site trainings that can respond to each site’s unique challenges, natural environment, ceremonial cycles and life ways. NIYLP has developed a tool for assessing the readiness of each site to implement a Project Venture program. Some programs are designed to maintain fidelity to the entire Project Venture model, while others are adaptations, designed to eventually evolve into a Project Venture-inspired program.

Since 2015, NIYLP is partnering with NNED (National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health), a SAMHSA program which offers an all expenses paid, three day Project Venture training to communities interested in Project Venture. Communities apply for the training and must demonstrate both the need and commitment to implement the Project Venture program in the year following the training. In the last two years, NIYLP has assisted 13 communities in 7 states to access this opportunity. To date, nearly half of the participants in the NNED trainings have implemented a Project Venture program, or adapted elements of Project Venture to their existing programs. An extensive commitment on our part to work with these communities to develop a successful application requires hours of phone, internet and webinar support on the part of our staff, all of which is an investment in their future, but none of which is covered in our budget.


Project Venture

Guiding Principles

Strength-based Approach

strength based approach

Experiential Education

Experiential Learning

Engagement with the Natural World


Service Ethic

Ethic of Service Introduced

Connection Building: To Family, Community and Culture

Connction Building

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