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Short Lines


Short Lines


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Here's what the children and youth who participate in Project Venture have to say about us:

“I’ve learned to plan ahead, to listen and pay attention to directions, and how to work together as a team.”

 "I’ve learned how to conquer my fears and make new friends.”

 “I learned how to climb rocks. Also how to stay healthy. And finally, now I know how to use a compass.”




Project Venture works with entire communities to bring our programming to life. Here’s what family and school teachers have to say about the impact of Project Venture:

 “My son is learning different things and he really likes the experience. It keeps him out of trouble and he meets new students.”

 “This will help him be open to communicating with peers. This will give him confidence in knowing he can overcome his fears.”

 “My child is experiencing new adventures, learning to live outdoors and how to survive in nature.”

 “It has given my son motivation, positive thinking, and ambition.”

 “The program gives my daughter a chance to have a more active lifestyle outside home and school”

 “Project Venture reinforces positive social skills, develops confidence, and helps students practice teamwork. They’re learning to express their talents and gifts through alternative activities, talents and gifts that may not be demonstrated in a typical academic setting.”